Ipe & NP

By Carpel offers in this catalogue a wide range of cable carrying trolleys for IPE-NP beams that are particularly suitable for distributing electrical, pneumatic and other energies to mobile equipment as cranes, overhead traveling cranes, galvanic plants, etc.
Various trolley sets can be chosen, according to the required capacity:
– Steel trolleys for capacities up to 40 kg
– Steel trolleys for capacities up to 60 kg
– Steel trolleys for capacities up to 150 kg
Regardless of your choice, it will assure you quality and safety as all our products have been labelled with “CE” mark, to guarantee that our products meet the 89/932/EEC Machinery Directive and further amendments. All our products have been designed and reviewed aiming at eliminating, where possible, all the possible risks due to the product installation, use and dismantling.

We reserve the right to make modifications in order to improve the technical, functional and aesthetical qualities of our products without any prior notice.