Trolley Elite

The TROLLEY ELITE line is a system particularly indicated to supply power for machine as: cranes, bridge cranes and any other mobile machine. For internal installation or not expose to rain or sprinkle or water.

The TROLLEY ELITE line is a pratical system, easy to install, efficient, because need just a little maintenance, but it is, above all, safe.

In fact, the TROLLEY ELITE has been labelled with the “CE” mark to guarantee that the product meets:
– CEE 73/23 end CEE 93/68 (Low voltage)
– CEE 89/336 end CEE 93/68 (electromagnetic compatibility)
Test/inspections have been carried out in accordance with the effective harminized/european standards CEI EN 60439-1 e CEI EN 60439-2. To this end, the latest pages of this catalogue show all the information required for a correct sizing, installation and use of the product allowing to safely as state in the above said Standard.

We reserve the right to make modifications in order to improve the technical, functional and aesthetical qualities of our products without any prior notice.