Type 1800

The line “1800” allows all those mobile equipment not featuring a straight traverse movement, but presenting bends and reverse bends, even with fairly reduced radius, to be fed without causing faults Iike as deviations and sticking of the trolleys. This is due to the special configuration of the trolleys that are properly designed to easily and safely slide all along the four quadrangular profile sides. This is the reason why the square tube line “1800” is the ideal solution for facing the requirements for flexible transport of electrical, pneumatic, gas and hydraulic energy meant for feeding hoists, traveling overhead cranes, special machine tools, etc.

And what is more, in case of particularly long feeding lines featuring short possibilities for trolleys collection, the line “1800” grants the possibility to design the trolley collection garage crosswise the runway. Choosing the square tube line “1800” for feeding your mobile equipment, it will assure you quality and safety; it has been labelled with the “CE” mark to guarantee that the product meets the 89/932/EEC Machinery Directive and further amendments.

We reserve the right to make modifications in order to improvethe technical, funtional and aesthetical qualities of our products without any prior notice.

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