Corporate Social Responsibility

Since its foundation, By Carpel has adopted a strong system of values in order to guide its daily operations and expand its value proposition focused on high-quality products and 360° customer service. These values make up By Carpel’s system of corporate social responsibility and can be summed up in 3 key values.

  1. Attention to the production chain
    – All By Carpel suppliers, all strictly Italian companies as well, are carefully selected and verified and must comply with strict constraints concerning the environmental impact of their processes and labour used.
  2. Social investment
    By Carpel’s manufacturing activity must also produce a social benefit for the local area on which it impacts. This is why it implements local projects and investments in favour of the neediest categories, such as vocational training for people with disabilities.
  3. Fostering culture
    Every year By Carpel supports and works with non-profit organisations and associations that develop culture and solidarity, scientific research and cooperation.